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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Victory #5

Just when you thought that the last big marijuana field in the Chicago area had
been eradicated (see the post from Thursday, September 18), it turns out
that 10,000 more cultivated (i.e., not wild!) cannabis plants, of nearly harvestable
quality, turn up, according to this story in the Trib's online edition (registration
required). Surely this one does it -- we have won the war on marijuana. No longer need we
fear that our friends and neighbors will try to enjoy themselves through the wicked weed.

Mythical numbers update: last week we were told that the plants were worth $6000 each.
Today we learn that the 10,000 plants (who counted them?) carry "an estimated street
value of $27 million." Hmmm, that's $2,700 each. Are these lower quality plants, or are these
numbers, um, mythical?

Here's a great line from the article: "...police destroyed an even larger marijuana patch,
with 27,000 plants, in the same area about two years ago, but found no evidence of cultivation
at the time."

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