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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Pyrrhus watch: Victory #9

The Chicago Tribune reports that an apartment in the South Loop was found to contain marijuana stalks, almost ready for harvest.
Six men, all either 20 or 21 years old, were arrested and charged with felony possession of drugs. The marijuana (stalks?) was
said to weigh 170 pounds, and to be worth a mythical $462,000. That would make $2717 per pound, or almost $170 per ounce.
(The Office of National Drug Control Policy has used a figure of $320/ounce as a typical retail marijuana price in 1998. Apparently,
some of the 170 pounds was useless "stalk".)

Well, that should do it, we have won the war on marijuana. No longer need we fear that some of our friends and neighbors might choose
to amuse themselves through the nefarious means of marijuana smoking.

Oh, an update from the Trib on the sting operations involving fake drug sales currently underway in Chicago. This past Saturday and
Monday, Chicago police were able to arrest 169 of our friends and neighbors and to impound 74 automobiles. The arrestees are charged
with attempted drug possession. That should do it, we have won the war on (fake) drugs.

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