Vice Squad
Saturday, October 25, 2003
Stateville Update

In keeping with Vice Squad's tradition of commenting on developments that are no longer
newsworthy, let me mention that Thursday's (October 23) Chicago Tribune contained a
brief item
about another former corrections officer at the Stateville prison. (See early Vice
Squad posts on the developments at Stateville here and here.) Thursday's story involves
a guilty plea from a former prison employee who helped another guard acquire crack
cocaine, ultimately intended to be provided to prison inmates. The facilitator will be
sentenced in January, and is facing approximately 4 years in prison.

Here's the opening paragraph of a May 10, 2000 press release from the US Bureau of
Justice Statistics:

"An estimated 10 percent of the inmates tested for drugs in local jails during June 1998
tested positive for one or more illegal drugs, the Justice Department's Bureau of
Justice Statistics announced today. More than two-thirds of the 712 jails that tested
inmates had at least one inmate who tested positive."

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