Vice Squad
Friday, October 03, 2003
Victory #8

Drug WarRant reports that a few days ago, a man in Ohio was sentenced to eleven years in prison for selling baking soda to an
undercover officer. Apparently the man had agreed to sell the officer crack cocaine. The sentence was not for fraud, however,
but for cocaine trafficking. Combined with the Chicagoland arrests of officers in mid-September for "attempting" to possess cocaine
(see my post for September 19), I think that we can now safely declare victory in the war against, er, fake cocaine.
No more will we have to fear that our friends and neighbors will pursue their own pleasure by consuming (something
that maybe could pass for) cocaine.

Finally have added some links to other blogs on the right margin. Thanks to Will Baude of Crescat Sententia for showing me how,
even while he was busy preparing for a move across the pond. [Addendum, October 4, 2003: Just added Site Meter,
also due to the generosity of Will Baude.]

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