Vice Squad
Sunday, November 30, 2003
Dutch Cannabis Cafes Victimized By Protectionism

A few European Union nations are not happy that some of their citizens
find Dutch drug enforcement policies more to their liking than they find
the homegrown policies. The offended nations haven't been able to force
the Dutch to close their "coffee shops" -- cafes where sale and
consumption of small amounts of marijuana are tolerated (officially,
sale and possession of pot remains illegal in the Netherlands). But they
have succeeded, it seems, in making these cafes off-limits to tourists,
according to this UPI article passed along by a (mythical?) Vice Squad
friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Fans of Brussels will be sorry
to learn that for now, at least, a similar constraint is not being imposed
on Holland's legal brothels.

Vice Squad has touched upon vice tourism recently, here. [Update: My understanding is that the restrictions against outsiders were not imposed.]

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