Vice Squad
Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Oops, Did We Say Spying? We Meant Vice

The Muslim US Army Chaplain at the Guantanamo detention center
who was arrested for mishandling classified information has been
released from prison, according to this story from He's not entirely in the clear, however. While
that pesky mishandling info charge has been dropped, he now faces
new charges of adultery and of keeping pornography on a computer.
Adultery, it seems, is illegal under US military law, and the charge will
likely not play well with the chaplain's wife, either.

The chaplain's attorney, according to the linked article, spoke about
the rationale for his continued prosecution: "'It is nothing related
with the security of the US. I think it's very vindictive,' said the lawyer.
'It really suggests a kind of desperation on the part of the US


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