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Friday, November 07, 2003
"A Valuable Experience"

OK, I posted this under a different heading (and in slightly different form) a little
while ago on Crescat....but I am still outraged.

Friend of Vice Squad Michael Alexeev, an economics professor at Indiana University,
brings our attention to this uplifting tale, from
Here's the start of the article:

"Armed police stormed a high school and ordered children to the floor at gunpoint
so they could conduct a drugs search, it emerged today,

Officers ran into the South Carolina school, screaming at pupils to lie face down,
before rifling through their bags.

Students who did not do as they were told were handcuffed."

No drugs were found.

Another story on the incident, from the Charleston Post and Courier (registration
required) informs us that ...

"Fourteen officers and a police dog sealed off the main hallway Wednesday as
about 20 administrators and teachers helped steer other students away,
[Police Lt.] Aarons said. There were 107 students who happened to be in the
hallway at the time, he added.

Police told the students to sit on the floor and put their hands out,
[school principal] McCrackin said."

Principal McCrackin has no regrets, bless his heart, according to the
Scotsman article:

"He [McCrackin] said: 'I'm sure it was an inconvenience to those individuals
who were on that hallway. But I think there's a valuable experience there.'"

Perhaps Principal McCrackin should read up on just how much of an
inconvenience it can be when police undertake drug searches with drawn
weapons. He can take his pick from this list of drug war victims,
though perhaps he should look most carefully at the
Alberto Sepulveda case.

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