Vice Squad
Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Vice Capital of Illinois?

What is going on in Aurora? Cocaine, marijuana, you name it --
and today, we can add prostitution to the list. Just how many
undercover officers does this town have?

The news of Friday's prostitution busts comes from this article
in today's electronic Chicago Tribune. Seems that four of our female
friends and neighbors were arrested on Friday in Aurora for allegedly
offering to exchange sex for money! To undercover officers!
Friday's arrestees join 64 of our male friends and neighbors who
have been arrested in Aurora this year, accused of offering to
purchase sex for money -- from undercover officers!

Though I wouldn't want to offer any advice to a town with so much practice
in undercover operations, perhaps the example of Fremont, Nebraska bears

An Omaha police officer "testified he was called in Nov. 15, 2002, by the
Nebraska State Patrol. The patrol had received complaints about limousine
violations, employees engaging in full-content lap dancing and possible
prostitution activities at Boomers Lounge.

Several other officers participated in the undercover operation, staging a
'mock' bachelor party, he said. [The arrested woman] conducted lap dances
with him and other officers, showing aggressive behavior."
[Correction, December 6, 2003 -- I earlier mistakenly gave the impression
that the Nebraska strip club was in Omaha; I have now updated the post
to note the club's location in Fremont.]

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