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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Wilmette Smoking Ban

Yesterday the Illinois village of Wilmette adopted a wide-ranging ban on
smoking, according to this article in the Chicago Tribune (registration
required). The ban, which will take effect on July 1, applies to "restaurants,
bowling alleys, country clubs and nearly every public place."

Smoking doesn't seem to be a major pastime in Wilmette (maybe passing
overly sweeping laws is?): only 6 of the village's 39 restaurants currently
allow smoking.

Vice Squad has looked at smoking bans before, primarily here and here.
"Our" position is that some governmental regulation of smoking in public is
permissible, even in restaurants (i.e., even where folks assemble voluntarily,
where they do not constitute a captive audience.) But prohibitions on smoking
are not permissible, as they impose too high a cost upon rational smokers
(or rational employees of smoking establishments). The links to previous
posts above provide more details.

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