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Thursday, December 11, 2003
At Least No One Was Killed

If you go to Google News and search on "prostitution" you
will find newspaper stories from all over America and the world
concerning recent prostitution busts. Not all of them are as tragic
as this one or as shameless in their attempt to generate publicity
as this one. And even in a legalized environment, public manifestations
of prostitution should be regulated. Still, many of these stings are
dangerous and tawdry and often could be rendered unnecessary
by open police presence and advice to move along.

Well, yesterday's news concerns this prostitution sting in Centennial Park
in Nashville (that's the park with the great replica of the Parthenon, in its
pre-ruin manifestation -- couldn't get the link to work, here's a cached version.)
It led to a high speed car chase up Interstate 65. Ugh.

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