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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
A Different Sort of Fake Drug Scandal

Mark Kleiman gives a harrowing report of the use of fake
drugs by informants in order to receive larger payments
for their disinformation. As it played into everyone's
interests except for some innocent immigrants, the fake,
planted "evidence" managed to remain undetected for
quite a while.

The undermining of policing via drug prohibition has been
something of a theme on Vice Squad, and as I cannot devote
much time to it now, let me encourage you to read Prof.
Kleiman's account and the linked news story.

The officer just found not guilty of six charges related to
lying about the arrests in the case will apparently get his
job back, at least temporarily. I am an unbridled supporter
of the standard of proof -- guilt beyond a reasonable doubt
-- that must be met to send someone to jail. I'm not so
sure it is the appropriate standard for whether you should
remain a licensed law enforcer.

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