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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Gambling Ring Busted!

In some ways, Andover, Massachusetts sounds like a lovely place to retire. There don't seem to be many major issues for the Town Manager to tackle. Maybe it was the appearance of such complacency that led to an influx of dangerous retirees to Andover. Turns out that for some time now, the afternoon bridge club at the Andover Senior Center has been conducting its operations with a weekly prize of $4! Gambling taking place, right out in the open! Fortunately, the Town Manager was wise to the caper, and shut it down, as a violation of anti-gambling laws (scroll down to the Massachusetts section on the link). Citizens of Andover can now rest easily, knowing that senior citizens cannot undermine the moral fabric of Andover through their wagering. Oh, except special permits allow for cash prizes for Bingo in senior centers! Must be the mighty Bingo lobby that somehow pried an exemption out of the legislature.

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