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Saturday, December 06, 2003
High School Drug Sweep Update

The unnecessary, heavy-handed drug sweep at a South Carolina
High School continues to reverberate, with a lawsuit, a planned
rally, and some more circling of wagons around the principal
whose astonishingly bad judgment precipitated the raid.

From an article at The (Columbia, South Carolina):

"Seventeen Stratford High School students are suing the city of
Goose Creek and the Berkeley County school district in federal
court, alleging police and school officials terrorized them in a drug
raid last month."

Rev. Jesse Jackson is a South Carolina native, and he has
announced a December 16th rally to protest the sweep, according
to the linked article.

One hundred and fifty of the high school's staff members signed
a letter supporting the principal, published in the Charleston
Post and Courier
(registration required). It is a mystery as to
how many signatures the letter would have garnered had one of
those drawn guns accidentally discharged and killed a student.

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