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Friday, December 05, 2003
Internet Vice Economies of Scope: Gambling and Pot

What to do next if you are a successful pioneer in the area of
Internet gambling? Why, enter the internet cannabis business,
of course. Or at least that is what the Canadian founder of intends to do, according to this article at Canadian law now allows those with appropriate
medical authorization to grow their own medicinal pot or to
have it provided through some other convenient, legal means.
Presumably, that's where the newly proposed Internet venture
comes in. Canada is also reviewing legislation that would
decriminalise small amounts of pot even for "recreational"
use, though whether an open supplier for that market
would be tolerated is unclear, at least to me. The Internet
entrepreneur "plans to grow the marijuana in Vancouver and
Ontario and sell it to people approved by the government
through the Web site Buyers will receive
their cannabis via courier. He intends to approach doctors
and also sell in other countries whose governments allow
the use of cannabis for medical purposes." He also has a
longer-term vision: '"If marijuana works, I am going to go
with opium next.'"

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