Vice Squad
Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Maximizing Financial Returns to Exotic Dancers

Vice Squad has returned to Chicago, heartened to find e-mail pointing
to the story in the previous post as well as a link sent in by friend of
Vice Squad Dima Masterov. The story concerns a company, Naked
Assets, Inc., that advises strippers
on how to earn more money,
and on how to manage their returns:

"'Dancing is the single least important part of exotic dancing,' says
[company partner Adam] Sternberg. 'It's no different than any other sales
industry. It's all about the right communication.'" The other company
partner is a former exotic dancer.

According to the linked article, Sternberg advises his clients "to plan their
savings and investments to support a career change or retirement by
age 28." Retire at 28? That's a lot of years of bridge or Bingo...


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