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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Thai Mayhem To Be Curtailed?

People have been getting killed in droves during Thailand's recent
crackdown on the illegal drug trade. (For some chilling reading,
see the Amnesty International reports here and here. Drug WarRant
has also been keeping abreast of developments in Thailand.) The
Thai government now intends to declare victory in the war on drugs --
really! -- so maybe the horror will abate. Here's the Bangkok Post's
on the impending "victory" -- thanks to Free Market Net for
the pointer.

Citizens of Oceania: Not only did the Thai government manage to
win the war on drugs, they overfulfilled the plan! The Post story
passes along the statistical highlights:

"According to the Interior Ministry, a total of 82,247 villages _ or 100% of the set target _ are now drug free.

A total of 327,224 drug addicts, 48% higher than the set target of 220,937, have undergone a rehabilitation process.

As for suspected drug producers and traders, 52,347 were arrested, slightly above the target of 51,516."

The stories from the rest of this drug war do not exactly inspire
confidence in the high quality and sound therapeutic practices
of the "rehabilitation process."

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