Vice Squad
Sunday, December 21, 2003
That Second Item on Heidi Fleiss

Ms. Fleiss was in Vice Squad a while back for her promotion of an Australian brothel. She is back in the news (at least this weekend's Moscow Times, via the Associated Press) for the opening today (Monday) of her boutique on Hollywood Boulevard. The shop is named "Hollywood Madam," and it sells the sort of things you might expect. Apparently customers who allow themselves to be web-broadcast while in the dressing room receive a discount. (Vice Squad is just repeating what the story says.) The article says that several years ago, Ms. Fleiss "spent 21 months in prison for money laundering, tax evasion and attempted pandering." Attempted pandering? Would she have received a longer sentence had she succeeded in her attempt? (In other circumstances Vice Squad will continue to misspell "pandering" as "pandaring.")


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