Vice Squad
Sunday, December 21, 2003
Two Quick Things

Vice Squad is still in Moscow. Two quick items from the weekend edition of the English-language newspaper, the Moscow Times. First, there's a Reuters story entitled "Clueless Pot-Plant Gardener Phones Cops, Gets Nabbed." Seems that four burglars broke into a home in Sydney, attempting to steal some of the 16 marijuana plants that were being illegally grown there. From under his bed, the homeowner called police, who both nabbed the crooks and arrested the marijuana grower. As the headline suggests, the story was presented as one of those, oh, what a stupid fellow, calling the cops when he is a criminal. But Vice Squad sees only the larger tragedy, all of those of our friends and neighbors who are afraid to call the police, even when they need them, because their consumption of psychoactive goods has not received the official stamp of approval.

No time for the second item now, but it involves Heidi Fleiss, who has graced the pixels of Vice Squad before.

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