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Sunday, December 14, 2003
Update on Chinese Prostitution Trial

Today's Observer has the latest on the trial in southern China
stemming from the alleged Japanese businessmen's two-day
orgy in September. (Here's Vice Squad's previous post on the trial.)

The Observer article provides more information about the defendants:
"Twelve Chinese 'mamis' - female pimps - are facing up to 10 years in
prison if found guilty of organising prostitution. The women, whose trial
opened on Friday, are accused of running a two-day mass orgy involving
the men ["288 male construction company workers"] and 500 prostitutes
at a five-star hotel in Zhuhai in Guangdong province in September."

The trial ended on Saturday but the verdict was delayed. So far, none of
the Japanese workers has been indicted, though that might change.

The trial has upset vice business as usual in Zhuhai: "The orgy scandal
was followed by a police crackdown on bars and prostitution. Taiwanese
and Japanese tourists are staying away. Karaoke bars must close at
11.30pm, two and a half hours earlier than usual, and dancing till dawn
is off the tourist itinerary. Massage parlours are allowed to continue
operating, on condition they close all of their VIP rooms."

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