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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Vice is Elsewhere

Like so much of the blogosphere, Vice Squad will of force
move to a reduced blogging rate for the next couple of
weeks, as some comparative work is being undertaken in
Copenhagen and Moscow. For now, just a pointer to this
NY Times article
(registration required) on Sunday
concerning the arrests of two NYC police detectives on
charges that they robbed a drug courier of 169,000
dollars. And there are hints that these arrests are the tip
of the iceberg. So once again, we see the fruits of our
absurd drug policy, which creates these immensely
attractive prospects for inner city youths and for the
police, and then when some of them are caught
succumbing to our manufactured temptation, we are
happy to yell "drug dealer" or "corrupt cop" at them
as we put them in prison. And for what purpose do we
run these rigged games at cops and inner city youth?
To make it a little bit harder for some of our friends
and neighbors to consume a substance that they want
to consume.

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