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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Drug War Over

In a stunning victory today leading, finally, to the end of the Drug War, U.S. Border Control seized an estimated $156,000 worth of marijuana.

Henkie, the narc dog, "alerted" on the vehicle as it was crossing the U.S./Mexican border.

The article reports that "there have been a total of 441 drug seizures in the El Paso sector with a total value of $70.4 million so far in Fiscal Year 2004 which began Oct. 1, 2003." So rest easy friends, looks like the DEA can call it a day, and the rest of us can sleep well tonight.

In a related story, Smoky Pete, a Chicago-area marijuana user was surprised to learn of the DEA's victory. As he lit a joint, and heard the news, he exhaled and said, "hmph. Well what do you know?"

Here's a link
to a rather long story from CBS News on the unreliability of drug sniffing dogs. 60 Minutes did a good story on this a while back, and this article is a recap of that piece. If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, the last paragraph sums up the story:

"Gaines is the first lawyer to successfully challenge the reliability of a detection dog in a federal court. But unless canine training programs improve, and a universal set of standards is put in place, he's unlikely to be the last."

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