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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Ex-Chicago Cop Sentenced for Selling Drugs

The Chicago Sun Times reports today that an ex-Chicago Police officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison Wednesday for selling some cocaine that he and two other officers found in a compartment of an impounded car. These cops also used some of the stolen drugs to plant on an innocent man.

The District Court judge who imposed the sentence was clearly disappointed with the officer stating, "You have dishonored your career, your name, acting solely out of greed,'' The Judge continued stating that the officer's actions were "even more harmful to the majority of police officers'' who do their jobs honestly.

I personally am more disappointed in the fact that we have a system that encourages police officers to engage in this kind of corruption. You don't see cops stealing tobacco, coffee, or alcohol, or planting these items on our fellow citizens in order to arrest them. One of the many horrible effects of this country's seriously misguided drug policy is that it creates extra opportunities for corruption of law enforcement officials.

Based on numerous glowing character references, the judge told the police officer that it was "clear [that]at one time you were a good man". What these cops did was most definitely wrong. One wonders though if they were simply bad men, or if, but for Prohibition they would still be productive and active members of society, their families, and the force.

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