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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Hedgehogs Legalized in Denver!

This story about hedgehog legalization comes to us from the Rocky Mountain News.

Actually the story is mostly about prostitution, but the story concludes with a paragraph noting that the City Council voted to legalize ownership of hedgehogs and some flying-squirrel-like animal.

Back to the prostitution story. The story out of Denver, and this article from San Francisco show two very different responses to prostitution by cities. While Denver is pledging to crack down on prostitution, San Francisco is open to the idea of discussing legalization of the practice. One sign of hope for the women employed in this profession: even the more "hard-lined" attitude taken by Denver officials on the matter has an undercurrent of compassion. The program Denver just approved, which includes increased enforcement, also stresses drug treatment and counseling for prostitutes. Further, women arrested for prostitution could get probation instead of jail time.

Back in San Francisco, a city official stated, "Unquestionably, there is going to be prostitution in our society." "The question is, can we do a better job in the areas of public health and public safety if it is legalized?"

That indeed is the question.

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