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Saturday, January 31, 2004
Marijuana and College Students

This story from Bloomsburg, PA would be sort of funny, but for the possible consequences for this kid. A Bloomsburg University student was arrested for underage drinking and having a small amount of pot on him. The kid was wasted - he was busted in a dorm bathroom where he had passed out after vomiting, but he was o.k. thank goodness.

The part of the story that's funny is that the student told cops they would find alcohol in his system because he had been standing next to someone who had been drinking that night.

The part of the story that's not funny, and that's not discussed in the article, is that if this kid is convicted for possession of marijuana, and receives federal financial aid, his aid could be cancelled.

Here's a link to the Higher Education Act of 1998, which enacted this absurd law.

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