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Thursday, January 29, 2004
A Real Drug War Victory (For a Change)

This story once again comes from my home state of Iowa. A guy was busted with 227 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of a rental car while driving through the state. The Iowa Court of Appeals today determined that the marijuana could not be used as evidence. What was the probable cause for making the stop in the first place you might ask?

Well, according to the arresting officer, the defendant's car was only traveling 62 mph in contrast with the “75-(mph)-plus” rate of the other I-80 traffic (the speed limit in Iowa is 65 by the way). The officer also noticed that the defendant looked straight ahead, did not look at the officer, and had both hands on the wheel. I'm going to call up my high school Drivers' Ed teacher to let him know now that in Iowa, at least according to the State Patrol, the proper way to drive is to go at least 10 miles over the speed limit, always be looking to your left or right (never straight ahead), and no matter what, for god's sake, drive with your knees!

The case was remanded to the County Court, but the Scott County Attorney General complained, "They sent me back a case without evidence. Unless we retry him within 90 days, he’s definitely going to be free.” Yeah, that pesky 4th Amendment's always getting in the way isn't it?

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