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Saturday, February 28, 2004
Pyrrhus Watch: Victory #13

Overlawyered recently told the petard-like story of the drunken driving arrest of the Wisconsin Attorney General, who refused to take a blood test. (Thanks also to a Vice Squad reader for sending along that tale.) In South Dakota, what if you are arrested on some minor drug-related crime and refuse to provide a urine sample? Well of course, the police will tell you that they will go to a judge to get a warrant, and they will forcibly extract the urine from you. What's more, they are telling the truth! So, the credible threat of torture induces you to consent to provide the urine sample, and you test positive for a controlled drug. Your next treat is that you are convicted of drug possession -- based solely on the evidence provided by the urine test.

The whole ugly story is from this week's Drug War Chronicle. Of course, such gross indignities are not visited upon citizens in the Land of the Free without some great, noble purpose of the highest order. That purpose, as Vice Squad regulars know, is to make it a little bit harder for some of our friends and neighbors to consume a substance that they desire to consume.

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