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Friday, February 06, 2004
UK Cop Suggests Alternative Drug Policy

North Wales' Chief Constable suggested that heroin should be sold legally on the street or through pharmacies. In a moment of candor rarely seen in law enforcement officials, the constable said in a BBC interview, "The question is actually not 'Am I prepared to see the Government selling heroin on the street corner or through the pharmacy?' but 'Why would we not want to do that? What is wrong with that?'"

The constable believes that open sale of the drug would wipe out the multi million-pound illegal trade and help cut crime. He believes that the current law is doing more harm than good, and has previously compared the current drug laws to alcohol prohibition in the U.S. in the 1920's.

Of course, instead of his comments generating a much-needed intelligent public debate on whether or not current national and international drug policies are sensible, the constable's comments were derided by other police officials who called heroin "evil."

Heroin immediately issued a press release stating that even though it and Satan belong to the same golf club, it barely knows Satan, and does not consider itself evil.

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