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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Anti-Smoking More Important Than Helping Kids...

Well, that isn't exactly what a US District Judge ruled. But he did claim that Toledo, Ohio's "Taverns for Tots" organization could not allow smoking at its meetings. Seems that the Judge was led to believe that Taverns For Tots wasn't a legitimate charitable organization, but rather, simply a vehicle to elude Toledo's widespread smoking ban, which includes bars and restaurants (but not private social events, like charity fundraisers). (Presumably it actually did give money to children's charities, however.) But the Judge is probably right, Taverns For Tots is not a bona fide charity. One tavern owner quoted in the linked article had this to say: "'the biggest sham' is the claim by health agencies and anti-tobacco groups that second-hand smoke is dangerous." And indeed, the effects of environmental tobacco smoke are controversial.

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