Vice Squad
Thursday, March 18, 2004
More Violent Opposition to Alcohol in the Middle East

Young Bahrainis went on an anti-alcohol rampage Wednesday night, torching cars, attacking the home of an Asian alcohol distiller, and terrorizing the staff and patrons of a restaurant:

"About 40 Bahraini youth armed with sticks and knives entered the La Terrasse restaurant demanding that some 42 customers leave before they attacked staff and began to break and loot the restaurant and parked cars.

'Why do you drink?' they shouted, according to eyewitnesses. Three people were injured in clashes at the restaurant after one of the customers managed to wrest a knife from one of the attackers and stabbed him with it."

"The group later clashed with riot police in Sanabis village on the outskirt of Manama City and police used tear gas to keep the rioters from reaching the main roads and endangering the lives of people and property. The clashes continued well into the early morning hours of yesterday before leading clergymen and municipality officials intervened to end the standoff."

There was a similar anti-alcohol rampage one week earlier in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Anti-alcohol thuggery in Iraq has been frequent in recent months, as noted in this earlier Vice Squad post.


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