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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Perhaps the Final Post on Clarence Darrow and Prohibition

OK, even the loyal Vice Squad reader is pretty much Darrowed-out. But the quest for closure necessitates one more post about what Clarence Darrow had to say about Prohibition in his autobiography, The Story of My Life. Forthwith.....

"If the prohibition law had been treated like any other act of Congress or
State legislation it would have died long ago. No other statute is openly
enforced with guns and revolvers. For no other minor offense can officers
with impunity shoot down a human being in seeking to make an arrest."

"The tyrant believes that if the laws do not fit the people then the people
must be bent to fit the laws and forced to obey."

"The Volstead Act in effect brands every one who takes a drink as a criminal,
as a felon. It does this in spite of the fact that the greatest men of the
world have always taken intoxicating drinks."

Plus ca change.... Diehards can find the earlier Darrow posts here, here, here, and at the end of the post here.

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