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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Selling Magic Mushrooms and Cannabis Seeds Legally, in Bath

That's Bath, England, folks, where a shop that sells hallucinogenic mushrooms and cannabis seeds has opened. According to this article from the Bath Chronicle:

"Although it is illegal to buy, grow or sell cannabis, it is not against the law to sell cannabis seeds or the equipment used to grow it.

Magic mushrooms, which can be picked in fields throughout the country, can be sold as long as they are fresh and not dried out. The shop sells five types of magic mushrooms, ranging from Mexican to the strongest Hawaiian - the hallucinogenic effects of which can last for ten hours."

Cannabis itself was downgraded to "Class C" status in January, so in general, small-scale marijuana possession does not merit an arrest in the UK. (Have you noticed the collapse of British civilisation following this radical step?)

My Anglophilia is growing. The article is once again so sensible -- no hysterical reactions to the shop, even from its opponents. Here's the Home Office spokesperson (policing falls under the ambit of the Home Office in Britain): 'It is difficult to make illegal what can be found in nature, and cannabis seeds can be used for other purposes.' Just the sort of response we can expect from the Drug Czar or the DEA.

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