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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
The States Don't Care About the Lives of Their Citizens.... least not like the US of House of Representatives does. It seems that many
individual US states are practically begging their citizens to drive under the influence of illegal drugs, by not having regular testing regimes and per se standards established. Fortunately, the laggard state capitols across our land will be forced to rectify this situation, at least if Nevada representative Jon Porter has his way. From this AP story at Yahoo News: "His bill would make states that don't enact drug-impaired driving laws forfeit 1 percent of their annual federal highway funds to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [internal links deleted]. The amount forfeited would double each year up to 50 percent." The fact that 42 states have not yet felt such a law to be requisite only indicates the pressing need for Rep. Porter's bill. My own additional concern, one unaddressed so far by all 50 of those incompetent state governments, regards the problem of people driving while distracted by classical music playing softly in the background. Hey, watch where you are going, Beethoven-breath. Perhaps a little federal pressure, Representative Porter? [Of course, no one should drive while intoxicated (or otherwise distracted) -- editor.]

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