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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Vice Is Elsewhere in Blogistan

Will Baude at Crescat Sententia links to an NPR interview with I. Nelson Rose, an expert on gambling law, concerning the legal (er, illegal) status of NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament pools. A column in Tuesday's Chicago Tribune (registration required) segues from NCAA pools to the sad story of one-time NFL quarterback Art Schlichter: "The No. 1 draft choice of the Baltimore Colts in 1982, Schlichter gambled away his $350,000 signing bonus. In 1983 he was suspended for a year by the NFL for gambling. From 1987-94 he was arrested four times on charges of bank fraud, unlawful gambling and writing bad checks." Schlichter currently is in prison.

Also at CS, Amanda Butler looks at US and British developments in obesity policy; Overlawyered summarizes some of the discussion about Congress's effort to ban obesity class-action lawsuits aimed at fast food establishments. (Vice Squad's most recent obesity entry was last week -- oops, perhaps this is the most recent VS obesity entry?)

Crim Law on March 14 presented 4 interesting vice-related tales, including the seizure of 7 tons of cocaine (gee, do you think they got all of it?) and a reprimand of the West from Iran for our lack of rigor in prosecuting the drug war.

If things go well, some more blog-borrowings tomorrow.

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