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Thursday, March 18, 2004
Vice Squad Half-Milestone

Today marks seven years since Vice Squad first ambushed an insufficiently vigilant world. Oh, no, I've re-checked, turns out it was only 6 months ago, September 18, 2003, that the first Vice Squad post made its way into cyberia -- just seems like seven years. We have managed to attract some four or five readers, most of them accidentally drawn here while looking for information on a Britpunk band that shares our name. Thanks to those of you who have dropped by, and to those who have sent links, or even linked to us. May these good deeds go unpunished.

The main development in the last sixth months is that we have managed to become a Squad, with Nikkie, Bernard (now being prodded into more posting), and, I am happy to announce, former guest blogger Michael being part of the team. (Michael agreed to remain a contributor last week but minutes after he did so, he went to Kyrgyzstan; alas, this is true, though as economists are fond of saying, correlation does not imply causation.) Thanks to the Squad members for helping out -- and you thought it was a thankless task!

I could now share the great insights that 6 months of blogging have engendered in me, but, well, I have nothing too profound, or nothing you haven't seen already from some of the approximately 718 gadzillion other blogs. There's the obvious point that if you chronically miss deadlines (as I do), you pay a high price by being a blogger. It's like when you lend money to someone and they don't repay you in a timely fashion, you begin to notice (even against your will) all their other purchases, all the uses of their funds that they evidently deem More Important Than Repaying You. I hope my creditors are not looking at this blog as the use of my time that I evidently deem as More Important Than Meeting My Obligation To Them, but, well, it is understandable if they do. (On the other hand, I know that most of them do not look at the blog at all, given the comparative numbers of creditors and readers.)

As for the future of Vice Squad, well, vice seems to be as prevalent as always, so I hope to keep Vice Squad active for the foreseeable future (while cutting down on the usage of "..., well, ..."). I have dreams of redesigns and bells and whistles and..., well,... (darn!) all those good things. But we shall see; suggestions are always welcome.


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