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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Justice Served in Missouri

Oh, did I say "served'? I meant to say horribly perverted. A Farmington, Missouri man received 10 years in prison for selling about five grams of marijuana to an undercover officer, according to the Park Hills Daily Journal online.

The wise judge, Sandra Martinez, refused to grant probation to the 26-year-old defendant. I guess the defendant was on probation for something else at the time he sold the marijuana, but the article does not say what for. I'm guessing it was also drug related though because the defendant had previously undergone court-mandated treatment as a condition of the probation.

The judge did not see how the defendant could succeed on probation, and said that he was a danger to society.

What is truly amazing about this story is that it is presented with a few other police matters and court cases in the community. Just after the marijuana story, we are told that a man convicted of second-degree assault-vehicular injury, received probation. This guy was drunk, flipped his car, and severely hurt his passengers, all of whom were ejected from the car. One of the passengers broke his neck and now only has some use of his arms and hands. He was hospitalized several months and requires ongoing treatment.

Other notable punishments in the article include a sentence of two years of prison for a 29 year old woman convicted of possession of Alprazolam, while a man found guilty of unlawful use of a weapon, a woman convicted of theft, and a man found guilty of not paying child support all received probation. Apparently the only people of Farmington, MO not fit to walk the streets of their town are those who use substances that Ms. Martinez does not approve of.

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