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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Vice Squad Knows Not How Far Its Influence Extends

Why just yesterday Vice Squad suggested to Texas Governor Rick Perry that instead of taxing strip clubs to pay for education, he should ban them, based simply on the general notion that prohibiting other people's vices is always good policy. Today, primo research assistant Ryan Monarch brings us word that Texas's state comptroller, Carole Keeton Strayhorn (like the governor, a Republican) is thinking along the same lines:

"On Wednesday, she [Strayhorn] attacked Perry for the strip club proposal and called for banning alcohol sales at such places to force them out of business.

'Today, this state says you can't drink and drive and you cannot walk into a convenience store with an alcoholic drink in your hand. Certainly we can say you can't get drunk while watching people take off their clothes in public to pay for education,' Strayhorn said." So while the tie to education has earned her opposition, it is unclear from the report from which the quote is taken exactly what sort of strip club tax earmarking would pass muster with the comptroller. Maybe we could use the funds to pay for methadone clinics?

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