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Friday, May 21, 2004
Kansas Students Question Vice Answers

The Baldwin City (Kansas) Signal surveyed Baldwin High School's graduating class about various topics, including drug and alcohol use. Of the 75 students who responded, it seems that 96% (72 out of 75) claimed never to have smoked marijuana, while almost two-thirds of the graduates reported that they didn't drink alcohol. But then the Signal interviewed six of the surveyed students, and voila, all six claimed that the survey results seemed about right -- except for those pesky alcohol and drug questions! One student said that more than three fellow graduates smoked marijuana on any given weekend, much less in their lifetimes. Interestingly, the students who were squeaky clean when asked about their own drug and alcohol use nevertheless thought (on average) that drug abuse was either somewhat of a problem or a serious problem at their school!

Now why would high school graduates in Kansas be less than forthright about their own vice-related behavior?

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