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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Rush Limbaugh Censored in Indianapolis

It's true: "an Indianapolis radio station pre-empted words like 'urinate,' 'damn' and 'orgy' from going out over the air during a recent broadcast of Rush Limbaugh's talk show." Masterpiece Theater has also upped its bowdlerizing of episodes that are rebroadcast in the good ol' USA. Isn't it about time that significant resources were put into making sure that mispronunciations of "parachute" (another real example) don't go out over the airwaves of our nation?

These cases come to us from this story (registration required) in yesterday's New York Times. The reason for the self-censorship is the enhanced fear of sanctions stemming from FCC actions against Howard Stern and others and the higher fines made available through Congressional actions. (Here's the most recent Vice Squad post relating to Mr. Stern.)

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