Vice Squad
Sunday, June 13, 2004
Alcohol Powder?

Far be it for me, someone who routinely undertakes computer searches on "obscenity" and "heroin", to ask how a person could stumble across this product webpage in their websurfing. So I am more glad than concerned that friend of Vice Squad Dima Masterov located the "Alcohol Powder" page and brought it to our attention. Why use powdered alcohol when regular, beverage alcohol is available, you might ask? Fortunately, the website lists the advantages of their 30% (plus or minus 2%) alcohol powder, as measured by dry weight. Among the advantages: (1) you don't need a liquor permit; and (2) the FDA says the powder can be labeled as a "natural flavor" -- though, uh, natural fermentation even of grapes is limited to about a 14% alcohol concentration. (Vice Squad recently underestimated the appeal of alcohol as a flavor, I guess.) The final two advantages of alcohol powder sound almost contradictory to this economist: the powder is "Unique--one of a kind" but we are assured that it is also "competitively priced."

Let's hope that snorting doesn't accompany inhalation as a new form of alcohol ingestion.


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