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Monday, June 07, 2004
Are All Police Departments Against Drug Legalization?

There's been a brouhaha in the blogosphere this week over remarks made about George Soros by someone (whom I have never heard of) named Tony Blankley. Primo research assistant Ryan Monarch alerts me, however, to another remark about the war on drugs made by Mr. Blankley in the same setting -- for some reason this comment seems to have been ignored, perhaps because of the inflammatory nature of his other remarks. While piling on criticisms of Mr. Soros, Mr. Blankley says: "And he's [Soros's] in favor of legalizing drugs, which every police department is against." I do not know how Mr. Blankley has determined the stand of police departments on the drug legalization issue, or why it is even all that relevant, but we do know that not all police officers favor the war on drugs.

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