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Friday, June 25, 2004
Cheney Banned From Senate Library?

Well, I could be getting confused here. Seems that our nation's Vice President hurled an obscenity in the direction of Sen. Pat Leahy on the Senate floor. The incident was reported widely (for example, by Aljazeera), but the Washington Post has raised some hackles by printing the precise quote. Here's the Washington Post editor explaining the decision not to sugar-coat the Veep's language.

In what may or may not be an unrelated story, Fredric Alan Maxwell, an established author, is suing the Ann Arbor public library after it banned him for one year for swearing:
Maxwell's conflict with the library began Dec. 8 when an employee at the main branch complained that he had used a profanity.

His expulsion came Dec. 30 after a second obscenity incident.

"In a subdued library voice with no children around, the plaintiff expressed his opinion of a certain inept library employee and inefficient library procedure" with an obscenity, Maxwell said in the suit.

Maxwell said he returned to his work, but three police officers later showed up and told him to leave or face arrest. He said the officers handed him a form saying he was banned from the main library for a year.

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