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Sunday, June 06, 2004
A Different Type of Solicitation Arrest

There you are, chatting with a fetching woman in a bar when she suggests that perhaps you might want to buy her a drink. (Both of you are old enough to drink, of course.) She may have just broken the law -- if she gets a share of the profits that the bar derives from the drink purchase. In East L.A., "Four women were arrested for the illegal solicitation of alcohol." (I wonder how this works in strip clubs where everyone understands that the women are employees and that buying them drinks is a way of compensating them?)

Of course, bars can use a related sort of sales gimmick without actually hiring the women: they can subsidize the drink prices and entry fees of women customers, which also will encourage male customers to show up and to buy more drinks. But bars can no longer do so in New Jersey...

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