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Monday, June 21, 2004
First They Subsidize Obscene Songs...

...and then Australian politicos defend Big Macs!
"There is nothing wrong with eating McDonald's, it is how much McDonald's you eat that is the problem," [Australian Prime Minister] Mr Howard pronounced in the House of Representatives after shadow health minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Mark Latham renewed their calls to have junk food advertisements banned....

"Where does it end? Do you put a ban on wine? Do you put a ban on alcohol? Coffee, too, because that has caffeine in it."
Mr. Howard, you might be careful about even mentioning bans on wine and coffee, as it is not like they are unknown to history. I understand that even today there are still isolated parts of the world -- like much of the American South and the Middle East -- where wine is banned. Not sure if there are any current coffee bans, however.

In case you missed the reference to the subsidized song, here's the link to an earlier Vice Squad post.

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