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Thursday, June 03, 2004
Flavoured Smokes Being Tested By British American Tobacco

Those cheeky Brits. In the US there are efforts underway to try to ban flavoured cigarettes, but that has not prevented British American Tobacco from testing flavoured cigarettes -- even alcohol flavoured cigarettes! -- on non-human animals in North America, no less:
Britain's largest tobacco company is testing chocolate, cherry, maple syrup, tea, vanilla and alcohol-flavored cigarettes, The Independent reports.

British American Tobacco, whose brands include Rothmans and Lucky Strike, has been carrying out scientific trials on animals in Canada, infuriating anti-smoking lobbies in Britain.
As popular as alcohol is, it hasn't proven all that successful as a general flavour, has it? More importantly, will alcohol-flavoured cigarettes make life difficult for Rex, the alcohol-sniffing dog?

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