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Friday, June 04, 2004
Getting Flak About the Prom Favors

Before prom season, educators and police departments around the country take extra efforts to warn high schoolers about the dangers of alcohol. In that regard, Ohio Township, Pennsylvania is no exception. The students at Avonworth Senior High School didn't seem to get the whole message, however. It's not that I have seen any reports of underage drinking or drunk driving in connection with Avonworth's prom -- I have not. But those pesky high schoolers gave as party favors to prom-goers "shot glasses for the boys and champagne flutes for the girls, imprinted with the date of the prom." They are getting a bit of flak for their choice, but their principal seems level-headed: 'There isn't a lot to choose from when it comes to those kinds of things." Nearby Deer Lake High School doesn't seem to be raising as many hackles with its vice-themed prom favors: "Students at Deer Lakes High School also received stemware as their prom souvenir. The glasses contained Mardi Gras beads and plastic coins, symbolic of the prom's New Orleans theme." Are the Mardi Gras staples of gluttony, public nudity, and wagering more agreeable than alcohol to high school authorities?

Incidentally, some of the prom-season anti-drinking efforts aimed at students are a bit elaborate -- this description is worth a look. Thanks to the very funny Chase Me Ladies, I'm In the Cavalry for the pointer.

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