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Monday, June 14, 2004
The How Tos of Opium Production

Brought to you by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency....

This was last updated in March 2001, but it still appears on the DEA's web site. It basically describes in great detail (with illustrations!) not only how to harvest and prepare smokable opium, but how to extract morphine and make heroin (both smokable and injectable). The article also provides some interesting history of the drug and relevant terminology in Laotian, Thai, Myanmarese(?), and Chinese.

So plan your next hiking trip to the hills of Southeast Asia, and talk with the natives using your handy DEA guide to growing, cultivating, and harvesting opium. Impress your new cellmate with your expertise in heroin production and history - (s)he'll never guess you really got your information from the feds.

Good luck!

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