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Monday, June 21, 2004
Keeping Troublesome Drunks Away From Alcohol

An "ideal" regulation raises barriers to socially costly manifestations of the activity in question, while not troubling the socially beneficial or benign manifestations. Alcohol controls that prevent problematic drinking while being non-issues for non-problematic drinking are one type of such ideal controls. Vice Squad previously has noted alcohol detection bracelets that can deter people from using alcohol. Now Britain is intending to make more use of existing laws that bar those convicted of alcohol-related offenses from buying booze:
The British government is updating a 1902 "three-strikes" law that says anyone convicted of three offenses related to drunkenness within 12 months can be prohibited from buying alcohol for three years, the Daily Telegraph reported June 21.

The language of the century-old law has been updated in the Licensing Act 2003 currently before Parliament. The Home Office's Police Standards Unit is encouraging police to "make more use" of the 1902 law.

The measure also urges police to use the authority given to them under 1980 legislation to prohibit individuals convicted of violence in pubs, clubs, or bars from patronizing such establishments again.
Apologies for the reduced blogging lately, but I am not in Chicago, and that makes it hard to maintain the hometown blogging pace. Fortunately, my co-bloggers heard my call for help and picked up...oh, no, that's right, they have been silent. Sigh. My co-bloggers -- all of whom are smashing folks, incidentally -- don't even read Vice Squad?

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