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Sunday, June 27, 2004
Placating the Non-Customers

In George Ade's 1931 book on saloons, he attributed their forced closing to their unwillingness "to keep up a semblance of decency and placate the non-customers." Purveyors of legal vice today often similarly overreach. Nye County, Nevada, is the home of some legal brothels as well as the Kingdom, an "all-nude" bar. Joe Richards is the owner of the Kingdom and a couple of brothels. "Richards has erected billboards that advertise his brothels in what some say is a clear violation of the county's brothel ordinance, he has filed a lawsuit against the county, and he opened the Kingdom and decorated its outside walls with nearly naked women striking provocative poses." So it should come as no surprise that there are efforts underway to revisit Nye County's legalization of brothels, not unlike the efforts in Churchill County, Nevada, which have culminated in a referendum question on the November ballot.

In other Nevada brothel news, the Chicken Ranch is up for sale. It could be yours for $7 million.

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