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Saturday, June 26, 2004
Public Spirit Coincidentally Harmonizes With Private Interest

I knew that it was unpleasant to drive with a hangover, but until today I did not know that it was particularly dangerous. Fortunately, there is a "New Alcohol Awareness Campaign To Combat Hidden Dangers of "DWH" -- Driving While Hungover." We owe this campaign against the scourge of DWH to Spirit Sciences USA, Inc., which even intends to subsidize the police effort against the dangerous practice of driving while hungover:
To help law enforcement and safety advocates combat the problem of DWH, Spirit Sciences USA is in the final stages of developing a technology capable of detecting a hangover and measuring its severity. Upon conclusion of a large-scale test Spirit Sciences USA intends to donate over 200 such devices to police departments in the U.S. to study the extent of the hungover-driving problem in this country. The company hopes to have the final product in less than six months.
.Hey, Spirit Sciences USA sounds familiar -- oh, that's right, they are the company that is marketing that hangover prevention tablet, RU-21.

In a widely publicized story that I will claim is related, Colorado Senate candidate and beer executive Pete Coors has suggested that the federal government should not dictate the minimum drinking age to the states. I agree, and I am not a beer magnate. (No, not a wine or spirits magnate, either. In an inexplicable oversight, I also am not a Senate candidate.)

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