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Sunday, June 06, 2004
Sin City

"Las Vegas is the most efficient machine ever devised to relieve the willing or the weak of their earthly fortunes, whether that weakness is gambling, sex, drink, spectacle or consumption." -- this according to a recent New York Times story on our desert playground. The article focuses on the close connection between local government and the gaming industry:
Government has long been the willing handmaiden of that which drives the Nevada economy, looking the other way when necessary, providing a helping hand when possible. It is no accident that Oscar Goodman, who made his name and his fortune representing mobsters and hit men, is the mayor of Las Vegas. Among his current proposals are legalizing prostitution in the city and building a "mob museum" to enshrine the city's criminal heritage.
Hey, certain Vice Squad members want to legalize prostitution, too - why do I suspect that I won't be elected mayor anytime soon? [Thanks to Will Baude at Crescat Sententia for letting Vice Squad in on the new New York Times article permalinks for blogs. This wonderful innovation by the Times does not quite make up for the fact that my copy was not delivered today -- in its place, a Chicago Tribune. They are not perfect substitutes.]

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